The plastering profession has evolved a lot over the years and is fast becoming indispensable in today’s world. This is because human beings have also advanced in their taste and them, therefore, desire to live in the most comfortable houses. Plastering is important as it does not only make a home comfortable but it also beautifies it. Plastering is simply a process used to produce an acceptable final wall or ceiling finish to a building prior to decoration. Though plastering is not a new profession, there are many myths surrounding both the profession and its professionals. Some of the common myths when dealing with plaster professionals will be discussed below;

It takes many years to become a plastering professional

A lot of people think that it takes many years to become a plaster professional but this is not necessarily true. Although it actually takes many years to make plastering effortless and 100/% perfect every time, one can equally take just a few days of practice to learn to become a competent plaster professional provided he has been given the correct instructions and a precise formula. What rather takes years to develop are the techniques that bring greater speed and efficiency in plastering. Thus, with the right techniques, a relative novice can achieve a perfectly flat and smooth wall under normal conditions except that he may take a longer time to complete the job. It should also be noted that although people spend many years learning how to plaster before doing it professionally, there are no courses of plastering that lasts for years.

Plastering is an unskilled profession

Many people also think that plastering is an unskilled profession but this assertion is not necessarily true. Although anyone with a keen interest can learn how to plaster within a few days provided he gets the right instructions and precise formula, it takes a few years to complete plastering courses and a few more years of experience to become a professional. Thus, not everyone who can plaster is a plastering professional. You need to complete your program in plastering and have a few years of experience before you become a plastering professional.

Plastering professional are both good skimmers and renders

No, sorry to disappoint you on this. Plastering professionals are not necessarily good skimmers and renderers. However, there are some plasterers who can do both skimming and rendering but this is not very common as it takes many years to master one of both of them.

Heavy manual labour or sanding is required to getting a smooth plastering

The thought that sanding is required to getting a smooth plastering is both laughable and untrue. If you belong to this school of thought, then you clearly did not master your plastering courses or you have clearly overlooked some stages in plastering. As a matter of fact, sand plastering is futile and does not give a good finish. If you decide to use sand, the sheer amount of dust may instead damage your health thereby making you spend longer time to fully plaster the room properly.

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