5 best places to get Asian treatments in Melbourne

Asian treatment includes that from both India and China. These are mostly the spa, ayurveda massage and other kinds of treatments which are a part of naturopathy to help recover in a natural and best manner. There are some places which provide panchakarma treatment in Melbourne which is quite effective and brings a great change in ill health conditions.

There are various spa and massage centers here in Australia which generate with specific solutions for all kind of diseases and normal health conditions. These centres have experts who practice excellent treatment through therapies relating ayurveda Melbourne. The best part is that they don’t include any artificial substitute or toxic agent which would harm the body.

Across Melbourne, there are amazing places create specially for Asian treatment. Most of them provide excellent ayurvedic treatments that would let your muscles free and help you get relaxed easily. They make your body free of daily stress in effective ways. Their healthy treatment is going to give you relaxation throughout, letting you choose the best massage services. The kind of treatment they give would really provide you maximum satisfaction.


You may across a few unique ways of massage- trust Asians to take this to an entirely new level. Some places provide special kind of lymphatic drainage massage which helps with bloating, swelling, fluid retention, toxic build up and sports injuries. Apart from that, they also feature stone based massage which is done with customized stones created from Australian daintree granite and marbles for their customers.

West Melbourne is known to be famous for wellness centers. You will be pleased to know that there are places which like to keep things as simple as possible- they make great use of the basic ayurvedic products such as milk and honey, ensuring that no artificial products are brought into contact with your body. Simple therapeutic massages are administered to customers that provide great healing treatment. Their treatments are exclusive, providing excellent results for sports injury and fitness-based treatment. Their treatments help in increasing fitness levels and even avoid psychological problems by increasing concentration power.

In the area of spa and massage centres, it is hard to keep Japan far away. Some of the spas provide classic massage with the signature Japanese massages like shiatsu or seitei. Their sessions help with healing the mind, body and soul. In other words, this is said to be the most holistic form of healing.

Some of the centres have experts in addition to the regular therapists. These include myotherapists as well, who provide high class treatment relating to implantation remedial and deep tissue massages. Such massages require very specific techniques, which are known only by these myotherapists.

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