3 strange things you didn’t know about ink stamps

Over a very long period, self inking rubber stamps are used by businesses and organisations in order to apply professionalism on their paperwork. Ink stamps will exist until the paperless society concept is achieved. Besides their usefulness, there are some interesting facts associated with ink stamps and mentioned below are 3 of the strange things probably you didn’t know about ink stamps.

  • World’s largest rubber stamp is 48ft long 

Although inks stamps come in various shapes and sizes, it would be quite strange to hear about a 48-ft long rubber stamp. Of course, no one would be able to use it on an invoice because of its size; it is a conspicuous landmark located closer to the harbour in Downtown Cleveland.

Creating this particular rubber stamp (which contains the word “FREE”) was an idea of a company called Standard Oil of Ohio. The project was undertaken by Claes Oldenburg and it started in 1985. The company wanted this gigantic rubber stamp to be placed in front of their headquarters (at Euclid Avenue), but the company underwent a revamp prior to the completion of the project. The new management didn’t encourage Oldenburg to install the stamp and therefore it was stored in a warehouse in Indiana.

It was stored there for about 7 long years and the new management (BP/Amoco) decided to donate this enormous piece to Cleveland in the form of a grand public art. However, the authorities of the city didn’t have enough funds to install and maintain such huge piece and hence they courteously turned down the suggestion. But, Amoco volunteered to bear all the costs and as a result of that, anyone can notice that world’s largest rubber stamp is located in Downtown Cleveland.

  • India is known for miniature stamps 

Due to some reason or another, India is responsible for creating both world’s most miniature rubber stamp and the world’s smallest rubber stamp. The world’s most miniature rubber stamp was created by a person called Iqbal Sakka (from Rajasthan in India). The height of this tiny masterpiece is 4.5 mm and the width is 2.4 mm. The stamp reads the word ‘FREE’ – just like the biggest stamp does.

In addition to that, India holds the record for world’s smallest rubber stamp (and they say there is a difference between miniature and small). The smallest rubber stamp was created by Jay Jyoti Shrivastava, a person from Madhya Pradesh. Strangely, it is an even smaller rubber stamp that reads the letters ILL which symbolises Indian Labour Law. It reads the dimensions of 3mm in height and 1.9mm in width.

  • Different ink colours make different impressions 

You must be careful when selecting an ink colour for the ink stamps; each colour makes a different impression on the referrer. For instance; Red for urgency and seriousness, Orange for gentle reminders, Green for positivist and friendliness, blue for neutrality and purple as a symbol of wealth. It is not good to use black for ink stamps; it looks like just a print on the papers.

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