What Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne Entails?

Pest Inspection in Melbourne is the term used for the examination of buildings and other structures that are to be used for timber construction or other building works. This service is performed by professional and registered engineers and other individuals who have been sanctioned with the responsibility of inspecting buildings for termites within three business days. The termite inspection service Melbourne is a specialized service that enables owners of a residential building to know about the presence of termites within their home. This is undertaken by a pest control company which is duly authorized to conduct the termite inspection. It is a very important aspect of any building construction because termites can do extensive damage to a structure.

While performing the inspection, the inspectors will check for wood, metal, plaster and other structural elements in the home. The main equipment used is called a moisture meter. A moisture meter is a device that measures the content of moisture present within the air, ground or soil. Based on the measurement of moisture level in any one area of a building, the exact location of the termite infestation can be determined. Subsequently, the inspector informs the owner of the infestation and whether the damage has resulted from the termite or not.

There are three types of inspections – visual, structural and differential. In visual inspections, inspectors carefully examine the visible portions of the house. In this type of inspection, the inspectors concentrate on the major functions of the structure such as a roof, sub-floor, attic, walls, doors, windows, plumbing and electrical systems. They also check for cracks and gaps, drainage and ventilation system, door openings, accessible areas and flooring condition. For structural inspections, inspectors examine the foundation, walls, roof, floor, crawl space and other exposed structural components.

On the other hand, structural inspections Melbourne include the detailed inspection of the supporting members. This inspection is essential in determining the strength of the structure. It helps identify any flaws that might lead to catastrophic failure. In addition, it also identifies the vulnerable points that are vulnerable to extreme pressures or forces. These are known as stress points. In differential inspections, inspectors look for damages in the accessible parts of the building.

A pre-purchase pest inspection by licensed pest inspectors is recommended. Such inspections ensure that pest control products are not being used when conducting alterations or repairs to buildings. For instance, drywall and paint used to cover open spaces should not contain chemicals. These chemicals may cause the growth of mold, mildew, algae, fungi or other organic contaminants that are harmful to the occupants. Pre purchase inspections Melbourne also ensures that asbestos is not being used to create wall claddings.

A comprehensive pre-purchase inspection report is required for all dwellings, irrespective of sizes. It also covers unoccupied buildings, apartments and privately owned structures like storage facilities, offices, motels, shop houses and mobile homes. It is important to get the report from a competent professional pest inspector. Such inspectors have the expertise to identify the various types of pests and identify their vulnerable areas. They will be able to advise the building owner about what type of precautions need to be taken before, during and after the inspection. For example, a pest assessment would state that there is high possibility of fire in a wall with any deficiencies, which could lead to massive damages.

The termites found in a building may be numerous and the moisture level can only be determined by a proper structural inspection. The termites have a preferred location for laying their eggs and also live in specific crevices. Hence, it is important to check for signs of infestation and then follow the appropriate steps for treatment.

It is important to make the assessment for termites before you conduct a structural or subsidence inspection. A complete pest inspection report comprises of a comprehensive examination of the structure, sub-floor, insulation, ventilation, water distribution, insulation, windows, doors, fixtures, equipment, and furniture. This will help you identify existing or future problems that need repair or preventive actions. Building and pest inspections Melbourne can save you a lot of cost and time and can also help you decide whether to proceed further with a particular project. It should be a routine and regular procedure to be followed in order to maintain a healthy environment.

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