Commercial and Security Fencing at Your Fingertips

A Class Fencing company is the leading provider of Timber and Colourbond Fencing, glass pool fencing, Merbau Fencing and Greenhouse Fencing in Melbourne. A Class Fencing company offers a full range of high quality Fencing products for both commercial and residential properties. Our experienced and skilled fencing specialists can undertake projects large and small from new construction to bespoke installations. With our extensive product range and innovative design process, we are able to manufacture and supply high quality Fencing for all your requirements. Whether it is an addition to your property or a replacement for an existing Fencing system, we ensure that the results are effective, attractive and safe.

If you require any further information regarding the services we offer then please do not hesitate to contact our Class Fencing Company direct on 1800 332 567. The experts at this company are available to take your phone call at any time. Feel free to ask us any questions related to our products or service. Feel free to visit us at any time for a professional consultation.

Class Fencing Company is a proud member of the Professional Grade Is Your Fence Company family. The Australian Fencing Association has recognized us as one of the best Australian Fencing specialists in Australia. The Australian Fencing Association has accredited us as a Class Fencing Manufacturer and Contractor since 1993. We are also a proud member of the Pty Ltd Expert Local Fencing Contractors group. As a part of the Pty Ltd Experts Group we provide a comprehensive range of high quality Fencing products and services to meet all your fencing requirements whether they be for residential or commercial properties.

If you need to find the best quality Industrial Fencing for your property, we are here to help. We offer the best in industrial fencing contractors from around the country. From Sydney to Brisbane and from New South Wales to Victoria, we have an abundance of experience in installing and designing all types of Fencing. Our fully trained team of fencing contractors Melbourne can provide you with the highest quality materials to suit all your construction needs. From pre-cut and pre-stamped panels to aluminium and steel components we have all the materials you need. Whether you need a temporary or permanent fence we can install it.

Commercial and residential properties alike rely on steel fencing to protect them from the elements and keep people safe. Melbourne Fencing Company has over 35 years experience providing the highest quality industrial and security fencing. If you need industrial and security fencing for a sporting complex, shopping centre or any other commercial or residential property, we are experts at what we do. From pre-cut and pre-stamped panels to aluminium and steel components, we have everything you need. From pre-installed security fencing for large events to bespoke systems for individual properties, our extensive range is guaranteed to be one of the best in the industry.

For anyone needing a temporary or permanent fencing solution, we are specialists at both. Whether it’s a pre-arranged lease fencing or a bespoke system, we have the equipment to meet your requirements. Commercial fencing in all shapes and sizes can be found by browsing online. The best place to start searching for fencing is on the internet. You can find hundreds of fencing retailers from across Australia which will be able to provide you with the best deals on fencing and all the relevant accessories. From pre-lit and post-lit to secure and open roller enclosures, Melbourne Fencing Company will have what you’re looking for.

Fenceology specialises in supplying and installing Aluminium, Semi-frameless Glass, and Fully-frameless Glass Pool Fencing in all areas of Melbourne.Contact us today to know more.