If you are arriving in a new city, you would require transport from the airport to your destination. The travellers often wonder what type of transport would be the best for them. There are indeed many ways to reach your desired destination. However, not all of them may be perfect for you. Here are some of the reasons why you would want to go for luxury airport transfers by Urban Cars.

Public transport is not always faster

People usually think that public transport is faster than the taxis or luxury vehicles. But this is not the case. The truth is that the public transport you get from the airport is usually slow and often unreliable. Also, it could get overcrowded as well. Let’s say you plan to take the subway and the closest station is a little far from your destination. In that case, you will need to take another transport to your destination. This may become even more difficult if you have lots of baggage. Carrying your luggage could indeed be very challenging.

Why not go for the taxi service?

Taxi is definitely a better option than public transport. However, there are a few things that need to be considered. The taxis are not always easily available at the airport. Also, they are not reliable at all times. Even if you have made the advance booking, something may go wrong. If you have a flight to catch it could become very inconvenient for you.

If you have arrived at the airport you may have to wait for a while before you find the taxi. If you have been on a very long flight covering thousands of miles you would probably be very exhausted. You would want the car to appear immediately. This is the reason why it is best to go for the luxury chauffeur cars in Melbourne as they are more reliable.


Airport transfers are not only meant for corporate

Many people believe that the luxury transport services are meant only for the corporate professionals. But this is not the case. Of course they are used extensively by the companies but the luxury services are also for families and individuals.

Luxury transfers are very expensive as they only have limos

This is one big misconception around the luxury transport services. The luxury chauffeur companies have many types of cars from mid to top range. Most of them have limos too but not ‘only’ limos. They have a fleet of cars including top-quality sedans as well as SUVs.

Also, these services are not as expensive as you may think. They are more expensive than the normal taxi services but it does not mean you must spend a fortune to hire them.

What if the flight is delayed?

If the delay is too long then the car may be used for another pickup or drop. But, at the same time, the chauffeur service will make sure that another car is made available at the time of the flight.